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Traveler’s Code

  1. Open yourself to the experience you are about to live.
  2. Search information about the place you are going to visit. Try different sources and contrast them.
  3. Travel with local people or well experienced guides.
  4. Do not build expectations that you are not going to reach.
  5. Choose the right outfit, based on the destiny you´ll visit.
  6. Respect local traditions.
  7. Your way of thinking is not necessarily the same as the local people. Be gentle.
  8. Identify risky situations and always ask.
  9. Do not confuse helpful attitudes. Cooperate whenever you can.
  10. Don’t support the illegal tourism
  11. Try to learn some words in the local language and show your enthusiasm and respect. 
  12. Avoid harsh or harmful behaviors when taking pictures of a person, place or building, or make presents in an inappropriate way.
  13. Do not show off being civilized. Everybody still has a lot to learn.
  14. Do not go to virgin areas alone. 


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